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Grandparent Rights


The child has the right to maintain personal relationships with his / her ascendants including his / her grandparents.


The child has the right to see, to write, to communicate, to be accommodated during the holidays by his grandparents and be educated by them insofar without taking the role of parents. Only the child's interest may preclude its right to maintain personal relations with his grandparents.

Paternal or maternal grandparents are supposed to meet with their children in case of divorce or separation of their parents.

However, they may have to enter the family court for a right to a personal visit.

The parent cannot invoke conflicting personal relationship that he or she has with her own parents,but only "serious reasons" justifying the rejection of this request.

However, the grandparents can enter the family court to obtain a right of personal visit, issuing a summons against both the father and the mother in front of the Family Court of the place where the children reside.

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