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Before taking charge of a file , in advice as in litigation, we necessarily proceed

to a free consultation of approximately one hour in our office with the customer.

This allows us to examine the file and determine, in view of its specificity,

if we are competent to treat it.It should be noted that the attorney's fees are fixed freely

by the attorney and that their amount is calculated in two ways:


Lump sum : the attorney and his client agree on  a fixed total amount which will cover

all the performed diligence, whatever the time spent on the file.


For example, our firm charges 2,700 euros incl. taxes for a litigation before the Court.

The flat rate may be lower if there is an additional fee for the result, for example 10% of the amount of damages obtained in favor of the customer.

At the hourly rate: here the amount is calculated according to the time actually spent on the file. Our hourly rate is 200 euros excl. taxes .


Naturally, at the end of the first consultation, the client is informed of the number of hours expected to be processed.


In addition, the firm accepts legal aid.


In any event, we ensure that our clients are never surprised by the amount shown on the invoice. This is an ethical requirement.

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