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What will happen to Johnny Hallyday's legacy ? 

BFMTV interview of Mrs Aurélie Thuégaz, lawyer, about the validity of the Johnny Hallyday's last Will which disinherits his children Laura and David.

Protecting the surviving spouse

La Formation pour tous interview of Mrs Aurélie Thuégaz, lawyer, about the mechanisms which may protect the surviving spouse in the inheritance. 

Donation of company

La Formation pour tous interview of Mrs Aurélie Thuégaz, Lawyer, about the conditions required to donate a company. 

Brexit : the uncertainties on the family litigation

Article of Mrs Aurélie Thuégaz (lawyer) and Dylan Dinis Goncalves (legal expert) in the Revue Lexisnexis de Droit de la famille (couple - enfant - patrimoine) de janvier 2018, n° 1. 

Contribution at the Nationale School of the Judicature (ENM)

Contribution of Mrs Aurélie Thuégaz at the National School of the Judicature (ENM) on "the benevolence of Law and its language".


Pontoise : a mother's fight for a fairer School

After the exclusion of her son, Enzo Farrugia, Malika Farrugia decides to sue the private and Catholic school "Notre-Dame de la Compassion" in order to denounce this decision she considers as arbitrary. 

Read the article.

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